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23 apr
Geneva 2 Media Unit ‏@SyriaG2 8h #US says…
Geneva 2 Media Unit ‏@SyriaG2 8h #US says #Assad’s fake elections in #Syria are a “parody of democracy.”
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   2 minutes ago

23 apr
EXTREMISM IN THE LEVANT: Europe and Eurasia: Syria Spillover: The...
INSIDE REPORTING Chairman Menendez, Ranking Member Corker, Members of the Committee, thank you for this opportunity. I’m pleased to be joined by Matt Olsen and Derek Chollet. I ask that my written testimony be entered into the record. Before addressing the issue of extremism in the Levant, let me first offer a quick assessment of developments in...
chainsoff.wordpress.com   3 minutes ago

23 apr
Retweeted by Syrian Coalition AlonBenMeir ‏@AlonBenMeir Apr 22…
Retweeted by Syrian Coalition AlonBenMeir ‏@AlonBenMeir Apr 22 Join me Apr 24 for a discussion on #Syria w/ Dr Najib #Ghadbian Syrian opposition rep http://bit.ly/1eM063o @NYUWashingtonDC @SyrCoalition
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   4 minutes ago

23 apr
Charles Lister ‏@Charles Lister 6h Depressing state of…
Charles Lister ‏@Charles_Lister 6h Depressing state of affairs: UN chiefs say 2014 $6.5b #Syria aid appeal has gone “largely unanswered” ($1.2b raised) http://bit.ly/1nopTGT
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   6 minutes ago

23 apr
Charles Lister ‏@Charles Lister 6h SNC president Ahmad…
Charles Lister ‏@Charles_Lister 6h SNC president Ahmad Jarba has requested an expansion of #Saudi assistance to #Syria’s armed opposition: http://shar.es/TESQL via @AFP
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   6 minutes ago

23 apr
Charles Lister ‏@Charles Lister 8h Jabhat al Nusra…
Charles Lister ‏@Charles_Lister 8h Jabhat al-Nusra statement claims responsibility for series of attacks in besieged #Homs #Syria http://justpaste.it/f7hp pic.twitter.com/n5HgFnBVvi
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   7 minutes ago

23 apr
#Syria #Daraa | Busra Ashaam | April 23…
#Syria #Daraa | Busra Ashaam | April 23, 2014 | 2m The Free Syrian Army (#FSA) has targeted regime dens in the south quarter of the city with mortar shells. 1.http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=32.518302&lon=36.477356&z=13&m=b&tag=516 2.http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=32.518302&lon=36.477356&z=10&m=m
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   11 minutes ago

23 apr
In Defense of Explaining Things
by John Herrman For websites meant to help us understand things, the new Explainer Sites—Vox, FiveThirtyEight, et al—are awfully disorienting. We stare them in the face and we cannot quite describe what we are looking at. Are they publications? Some sort of health food? Are they explaining the news to me, or to someone standing behind me? This...
theawl.com   13 minutes ago

23 apr
@smcmediaoffice 7h #Syria #Damascus Countryside #Breaking the...
@smcmediaoffice 7h #Syria #Damascus_Countryside #Breaking the number of #Assad airstrikes against #Douma reaches 10 today http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.580160&lon=36.397018&z=13&m=b&tag=516
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   14 minutes ago

23 apr
@smcmediaoffice 7h #Syria #Damacus Countryside #Assad forces...
@smcmediaoffice 7h #Syria #Damacus_Countryside #Assad forces launch 5 airstrikes against #Douma since the early morning http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.580160&lon=36.397018&z=13&m=b&tag=516
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   15 minutes ago

23 apr
@smcmediaoffice 10h #Syria #Aleppo #Assad forces target #AlSaghira…
@smcmediaoffice 10h #Syria #Aleppo #Assad forces target #AlSaghira village with 2 barrel bombs causing casualties among locals & #AlSfira town with another 2BBs
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   18 minutes ago

23 apr
@smcmediaoffice 10h #Syria #Damascus #Assad forces open fire…
@smcmediaoffice 10h #Syria #Damascus #Assad forces open fire on residential areas in #Jobar & #Zamalka using Shilka guns
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   21 minutes ago

23 apr
@smcmediaoffice 9h #Syria #Assad forces shower #Aleppo with…
@smcmediaoffice 9h #Syria #Assad forces shower #Aleppo with barrel bombs:4 on #AlMaasaraniya #Baeidin killing 1 civilian, 2 on #Masaken_Hanano & 2 on #AlWdeihi
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   21 minutes ago

23 apr
@smcmediaoffice 9h #Syria #Damascus Countryside smoke column...
@smcmediaoffice 9h #Syria #Damascus_Countryside smoke column ascending from #AlMleha town follwoing #Assad attacks http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.486435&lon=36.379509&z=12&m=b&tag=516 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFcf1GwhECo …
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   23 minutes ago

23 apr
@smcmediaoffice 9h #Syria #Damascus Countryside #Assad forces in…
@smcmediaoffice 9h #Syria #Damascus_Countryside #Assad forces in Qatana target #Khan_Asheeh area with tank shelling &intense bombardment target #AlKhiyara area http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.371538&lon=36.102448&z=12&m=b&tag=516
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   24 minutes ago

23 apr
@smcmediaoffice 7h #Syria #Idlib great destruction in #Binnesh…
@smcmediaoffice 7h #Syria #Idlib great destruction in #Binnesh following #Assad airstrikes this morning pic.twitter.com/jNowsFnuta http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=35.953275&lon=36.712532&z=12&m=b&tag=516
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   27 minutes ago

23 apr
هيئة الأركان العامة ‏@smcmediaoffice 7h #Syria...
هيئة الأركان العامة ‏@smcmediaoffice 7h #Syria #Damascus_Countryside #Assad forces target residential areas in #Adra city with intermittent shelling http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.600894&lon=36.496582&z=11&m=b&tag=516
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   28 minutes ago

23 apr
Is "indications" the same as evidence?
"“We have indications of the use of a toxic industrial chemical, probably chlorine, in Syria this month,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said."
angryarab.blogspot.com   29 minutes ago

23 apr
@smcmediaoffice 6h #Syria #Daraa #Assad forces drop a…
@smcmediaoffice 6h #Syria #Daraa #Assad forces drop a barrel bomb over the western neigh. of #Nawa city causing casualties among locals http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=32.900056&lon=36.039963&z=13&m=b&tag=516
yallasouriya.wordpress.com   30 minutes ago

23 apr
Nikki Haley faces new challenge from retd judge in re-election bid
Nikki Haley faces new challenge from retd judge in re-election bid Nikki Haley faces new challenge from retd judge in re-election bid I thought it as beautiful site and just a place of prayer: Justin Bieber, seeks apology over Japan war shrine trip Japan welcomes Barack Obama, US President focuses on Free trade talks on his Asian Tour Washington...
countynewssite.blogspot.com   30 minutes ago

23 apr
‘Syriac Gazetteer’ preserves endangered Middle East cultures
Key moments in the development and interaction of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions are being preserved through Syriaca.org, an international collaboration edited by scholars at Vanderbilt and Princeton universities. The Syriac Gazetteer, an online geographical dictionary, is the first in a series of reference works launched by...
vanderbilt.edu   30 minutes ago

23 apr
The White Man just wants to save Arabs. Is that so wrong?
"American Matthew VanDyke, 34, describes himself as a revolutionary activist and combat veteran of the Libyan Revolution. He's also a documentary film-maker and media commentator who joined the rebels in Libya in March 2011 before moving to Syria a year later. In Syria he began to "help the revolution, filming, advising rebels, and some other...
angryarab.blogspot.com   31 minutes ago

23 apr
Tony Blair Denounces Muslim Brotherhood in Speech on Islamic...
This is slow going, but keep in mind that this is taking place within a mainstream discourse and in that context there are significant gems in here. Blair clearly denounces the Brotherhood, urges a recognition of Islam linked to politics as the problem and suggests substituting Religious Freedom for Democracy as the X factor in Muslim reform. There...
frontpagemag.com   31 minutes ago

23 apr
'the Gates of hell He will surprise!' 1. Putin – Satan’s Perfect Instrument Apr 10th, 2014 - Mary There is so much to explain. I will not stop. Because the world and the Church are entering into darkness, I will continually speak . Already, the events unfold which will only be understood later. The evil in Russia, planted in its soil by the...
apocalypseparadigm.blogspot.com   33 minutes ago

23 apr
Tony Blair: West must confront radical Islam
(LONDON GUARDIAN) Western military intervention in the Middle East has so far failed due to the distorting impact of an Islamic extremism so opposed to modernity that it could yet engender global catastrophe, Tony Blair warned on Wednesday in a keynote speech on the state of politics in the Middle East. With support for intervention ebbing fast,...
wnd.com   33 minutes ago

23 apr
Islamists in Syria crucify Christian teenagers
  In the latest example of demonic violence against the Christian communities in the Middle East, last year Islamists entered the Syrian town of Maaloula and murdered men, women and children. Before they were murdered, they were offered the chance to convert to Islam by reciting the Shahada. When they refused, they were murdered and […] Read...
stateofglobe.com   35 minutes ago

23 apr
U.S. says it is ‘disappointed’ by Palestinian unity deal
The United States said on Wednesday it was disappointed by a unity pact agreed between the Gaza-based Islamist group Hamas and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and said it could seriously complicate peace efforts. Related Entries April 23, 2014 Russia says it will respond if Ukraine interests...
jewishjournal.com   37 minutes ago

23 apr
Syria PR Ja'afari Says Brahimi Made Mistakes, Of OPCW and Chlorine...
By Matthew Russell Lee UNITED NATIONS, April 23 -- After the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons told the UN Security Council on April 23 that Syria has removed or destroyed 88% of supplies, the questions were mostly about new reports of chlorine gas use. Inner City Press asked April's Security Council president Joy Ogwu of Nigeria...
innercitypress.blogspot.com   39 minutes ago

23 apr
Almost 90% of chemical weapons removed from Syria
The Los Angeles Times reports the Syrian government has shipped out almost 90% of its chemical weapons material, raising hopes that the war-ravaged nation can meet a Sunday deadline to comply with a disarmament accord, an international regulator said Tuesday. The latest shipment on Tuesday to the Mediterranean port of Latakia means that 86.5% of...
securitylawbrief.com   41 minutes ago

23 apr
Comment on U.S. army builds fake city in Virginia for combat training...
I am not the least bit surprised. This is exactly what I have been saying all along. Before our Marxo-Fascist Kenyan Muslim illegal immigrant president Baraq Hussein Obama/Soetoro is supposed to leave office on Friday, January 20, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST, he will stage a “Reichstag fire” incident, so he has an excuse to declare a state of...
americanlibertypac.com   46 minutes ago

23 apr
KTFA NEWS SUMMARY, 23 APRIL aggiedad77 » April 23rd, 2014, ...
KTFA NEWS SUMMARY, 23 APRIL aggiedad77 » April 23rd, 2014, Wednesday Morning News Summaries Alkhozai: Nazih elections gives the message to the world that the new Iraq is a free country WOW....did anyone know that for the past 11 years Iraq has been conducting an experiment with their government.....the good news here is that it has been a...
www.facebook.com/pages/Dinares-Gurus/242798109130531   46 minutes ago

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