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31 jan
Eight Ways Twitter Destroyed My Wifi Signal Extender Antenna Without...
Created page with "Located at 1155 Virginia Ave in Atlanta, Joffrey's is surely an awesome treasure to locate. Wi-Fi access comes free in a few areas while other charge you or asks you to purcha..." New page Located at 1155 Virginia Ave in Atlanta, Joffrey's is surely an awesome treasure to locate. Wi-Fi access comes free in a few areas while other...
cubenation.tv   119 minutes ago

31 jan
Comments: Торвальдс защищает сомнительный...
Spy apps windows mobile — track a cell phone, Windows mobile spy camera app. If spy apps windows mobile using the Cingular or AT&T Communications iPhone«s default camera software there are tons of camera apps on the App Store Далее. Mobile tracking appplication for windows 7 ultimate: Santa spy cam. 1 Jan 2015 Mp595 jun 11 so One year to...
sysodmins.ru   3 hours ago

31 jan
Root or not
Ok so I just switched from an iPhone 6 plus to the note 4 and I love it but I keep seeing all the post about rooting and I don't know if it's for me I have jailbroken my iPhone before but I see so many different stuff like roms and am kind of lost and don't know where I would start and what to choose what's the difference between them and if it's...
androidcentral.com   4 hours ago

31 jan
Apple Loop: iOS 8.1.3 Fails Users, Outlook Arrives On iPhone, Apple...
Apple iPad Air 2 (image: Apple.com) Taking a look back at another week of news from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop covers the Q1 2015 results from Cupertino, how many people in the world bought an iPhone, iOS 8.1.3 fails to fix any of the big bugs, don’t install the latest OS, Outlook’s stunning debut on iOS, Tim Cook’s monopoly...
privatefox.com   6 hours ago

30 jan
Comments: Чехи думают о евро
A local radio station quoted Juju Limited Managing Director, George Njoroge, as saying that the application also has an added GPS feature that tells users their target location, Remove text message tracker. For any external (not from Apple) software to work on an iPhone, the phone must be Jailbroken check my article about Jailbreaking an iPhone to...
bankir-review.ru   7 hours ago

30 jan
Elune Saga Hack
This program Elune Saga Hack Tool will allow you to add Unlimited gold and soulstone. This Elune Saga Hack Tool runs on Windows and Mac, işe ya da olmaz yani eğer u düşünmek ihtiyacım yok. IOS ve Android cihazı ile Ürünümüz çalışma. Elune Saga Hack Tool is very easy to use, sadece örneğin gerekenler ve kaç tıklayın. Unlimited...
onlinehack.net   11 hours ago

30 jan
#iphone #iphone5 #ios8 #ios6 #theme #jailbreak #jailbroken #cydia...
A new picture published by iamrikishu towards ∞. January 30, 2015 at 06:40PM
infinitooooo.wordpress.com   11 hours ago

30 jan
cut the rope hd cracked apk
Mar 11, 2013. Cut the Rope HD v2 3. 2 APK Full Download Free. Cut the. FL Studio Mobile v1 3. 0 APK-DATA Download Full cracked version. Exclusive May 30, 2013. General BlackBerry Discussion Tinder apk 0 Replies Last Reply 6 min ago. Cut the rope HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1. 1 Cut HD to 3. The Current iphone apk rope 2. Cut 1....
nuncenter.com   13 hours ago

30 jan
pls help guys MGS4 freezes
hey guys I have a: PS3 FAT 2 USB 80GB jailbroken using multiman I guess I copied my MGS4 game from disc to internal HDD I was having a blast until the screen of act 1 disapeers then a black screen comes up and the system freezes pls help I played Ni Nu Kuni and it worked fine but MGS4 just keeps freezing in the same location every time...
ps3hax.net   13 hours ago

30 jan
How the Hell Are These Popular Spying Apps Not Illegal?
Here are some sordid scenarios. Your ex-girlfriend can see every time you swipe right while using Tinder. Your former husband is secretly listening to and recording your late-night Skype sessions with your new boyfriend. Some random slippery-dick is jacking off to the naked photos in your private photo library. For millions of people, it's not...
techweby.blogspot.com   13 hours ago

30 jan
Comment on How To Downgrade iOS 8.1.3 To 8.1.2 And Jailbreak With TaiG...
Please help Jailbreak Evasion! I have a jailbroken iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.2. I`m trying to upgrade it to 8.1.2 and jailbreak it but when I try to upgrade it iTunes says: Error 3194. I`ve done everything with the hosts file, I reinstalled iTunes but nothing works. (my power button is broken). Please help
evasi0njailbreak.com   13 hours ago

30 jan
For Sale: ps3 super slim 250gb
ps3 super slim 250gb white with -2 controllers(original sony) -4 games(gran turismo 5, ghost recon future soldier, fight night champion, rayman origins) -sony hdmi cable complete with box not jailbroken bought at data blitz on august 2013, still have the receipt great condition, rarely used selling for 10k contact no. 09228261616 location: lahug...
istorya.net   13 hours ago

30 jan
Can i ever restore my iphone 4s from ios7.1.2 to 7.1.2 i itunes
I have an iphone 4s which is jailbroken, runing ios 7.1.2, and itunes WONT let me restore mi device, it keeps showing me the error 3194. I tried everything to fix the problem but nothing worked. I tried restoring (erase all content and settings) in the the iphone through the settings but this doesn't work either. Pleas help, i don't want to upgrade...
imore.com   14 hours ago

30 jan
Need help covering basics.
So... Just got my ps3 jailbroken, it's 4.66 darknet version (CEX) I need to know what to do next... I already know that I don't need a spoofer because it's already on 4.66... I need to know how to download packages and which is the most reliable site to download these things from. Also, Where I can find the best mod menus? and how to attach/connect...
nextgenupdate.com   14 hours ago

30 jan
Eight Rules About Gaming Mouse Nz Meant To Be Broken
The theory underpinning these design features would be to provide the hand with support. I plugged it all in and followed the created get the software installed. That being said let's take a examine the forms of prevalent programs that could cause harm to your computer:. This machine is powered by one from the most powerful processors, an X9000...
male2female.ru   14 hours ago

30 jan
Live wallpaper themes for iPhone in iOS 8
In city of right now if you haven’t, jailbroken your iOS device like always you can always. Turn video description: gambler jailbreak tutorial come back inn chicago cool things you can. Do at let’s go ahead, and get started the first week i want to. Share with you guys going available for iOS 8 dollar 49 right now at. The bigBoss repository...
bigdata-mobile.com   15 hours ago

30 jan
Woohoo!! I finally dumped android!!!
Hi all, Been an android guy forever it seems, but I have now seen the light!!! Loving my new 6+ and now I'm trying to find the best forum to learn this new platform. I have already jailbroken and I'm loving it Hope everyone is loving there iphone as much as I'm loving mine.
iphoneforums.net   15 hours ago

30 jan
IOS 8.1.3 and iFunbox
After updating to 8.1.3 (and the latest version of iTunes) iFunbox will no longer connect to my device (5s not jailbroken). Windows and iTunes connect to my iPhone no problem, it's only iFunbox which won't connect. I tried installing the latest version of iFunbox too (2.92) but still no joy. Is it just my setup/computer or is anyone else seeing...
epicgames.com   15 hours ago

30 jan
Installing openssh or afc2add on an iPad with broken touch?
Hey guys, I've got a jailbroken iPad 3 (7.0.4) with a broken touch-function (broken chip) and I'm trying to find a way to install openssh or afc2add from either osx or win. After installing that, I want to install veency or btc mouse & trackpad so I can use the device for more than as a paperweight. I tried using the AutoInstall folder...
jailbreakqa.com   16 hours ago

30 jan
The "Can I Jailbreak my iPhone on iOS X.X.X" Thread
Check the list of fakes below of untrustworthy sites for jailbreak information and such. Any and all devices, on any and all iOS's from iOS 1.0 through 8.1.2 If you are currently jailbroken, please install Apple Conduit File 2 (AFC2add by Saurik) and OpenSSH. MobileTerminal and iFile are not required, but highly recommended, even if it's just the...
iphoneforums.net   16 hours ago

30 jan
Bo2 problem please help
Hello Guys im Vancer and I Have a problem that i couldn't solve. I have a jailbroken ps3 running PS3ita 4.55/4.50 ( Dont remember ) { DEX } So when i replace the eboot of bo2 and yes i replace it with a dex one ... debug... So after i do this and load up bo2 it keeps me waiting on a plain-black-screen.... and i have to delete game data and...
nextgenupdate.com   17 hours ago

30 jan
Heroes Charge
Features: 1.Avatars unlocked 2.Accelerator: from -3 to 1 3.Preset teams saving 4.Recommended lineups 5.Xmod store 6.Crafting guide for equipped items 7.Auto fight repeatedly in a certain quest 8.Crusade auto retreat Requirements: -Rooted/jailbroken phone -Cydia substrate(ios user) -xmodgames Download in Android system: Click here: downloadXMG...
nyit-nyit.net   19 hours ago

30 jan
iOS 8.1.3: Κλείνει 4 exploits του TaiG Jailbreak tool
Ούτε ένα, ούτε δύο αλλά τέσσερα (4) exploits του TaiG "κλείνει" το iOS 8.1.3 το οποίο δόθηκε σε κυκλοφορία εχτές το απόγευμα από την Apple. Οι χρήστες που έχουν ήδη Jailbroken συσκευή θα πρέπει να προσέξουν ώστε να...
iphonehellas.gr   19 hours ago

30 jan
WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android – Get Addicted
Hiding Your Last Seen Status And Blocking Unwanted Contacts: WhatsApp users know quite well, that the application broadcasts the time when you were last seen by the application online, to the rest of your contacts. If you really want to remain in the dark for some time and yet keep getting a hang of who is doing what, you can turn off your last...
therem.org   21 hours ago

30 jan
The one reason to not install iOS 8.1.3 on your iPhone 6… and how to...
Apple on Tuesday released iOS 8.1.3, a minor software release that brings several fixes to known problems and vulnerabilities, including one for the annoying storage problem that may prevent some users from upgrading. However, as MacRumors points out, the iOS 8.1.3 update also patches the security issues used by the iOS 8 TaiG jailbreak, meaning...
onlinemedia.in   21 hours ago

30 jan
Sell Your Apple TV 2 now! (11 replies)
Before word gets out! Looks like Kodi's done for. Kodi/XBMC Support is the main reason jailbroken ATV2s hold their value. I'm guessing this'll lower their resale price. My $19 fire tv... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
macresource.com   25 hours ago

30 jan
how to get cracked apps on my iphone 5
In a totally unannounced move, evad3rs have just released evasi0n 7 for all. Got an Iphone 5, IOS 6 0. 1 Jailbroken- how can i update to IOS 7 without losing all Hi. Cool tutorial there. But an having issues installing cracked apps on my Download cracked apps ios 7. How to get crackedcydia apps on your iOS device running iOS 7. No Jailbreak needed...
brainining.com   25 hours ago

30 jan
Tweak that fools apps on Jailbroken iPhone 6
Can anyone tell me of a tweak that works with iOS 8 that will fool apps that you aren't jailbroken. I have a couple of apps that won't open because I'm jailbroken. I used to use an app called xCon but I believe it doesn't work with iOS 8 yet. Thanks
imore.com   26 hours ago

30 jan
My iPhone often respring or reboot by itself why ?
I use an iPhone 5c after jailbreaking it ,it often reboot or respring and sometimes end up and in safe mode it was not like that when it was not jailbroken so might not be a hardware problem.any help ?
jailbreakqa.com   26 hours ago

30 jan
DOWNLOAD GameSave Infinity Dungeon F! Unlimited Gems IOS IPHONE IPAD
DOWNLOAD GameSave Infinity Dungeon F! Unlimited Gems IOS IPHONE IPAD Let's conquer the dungeon with lethal move and magic and earn money to become rich! various enemies and dungeon.. ment like a grain of sesame.. story.. and the ending with reversal! Gold that comes out even after digging and digging.. Application Name: Infinity Dungeon F! Current...
downbestapkios.blogspot.com   26 hours ago

30 jan
BatteryLife 1.6.2 jailbreak tweak: Displays useful information about...
Download BatteryLife 1.6.2 deb for free, Free Download BatteryLife 1.6.2 hack, download links are on bottom of this post BatteryLife 1.6.2 jailbreak tweak has been released. WORKS WITH IOS 6, 7 AND 8 All iOS 6, 7 and 8 devices supported!   BatteryLife displays useful information about your device’s battery health and life. The Tweak gained a lot...
fe.je   28 hours ago

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