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10 apr
Marin Mazzie on Holding Her Own in Woody Allen’s Bullets Over...
If Marin Mazzie were to play herself in a hack Broadway show, she’d be the plucky, hardworking stage veteran finally landing the role of a lifetime at 53. But Woody Allen, whose Bullets Over Broadway—about a delusionally bad playwright and his mobster producer—is being remade as a Broadway musical, probably wouldn’t get many gags out of...

25 mar
Talking with Matt Walsh About His New Improvised Film, ‘Veep’, and...
by Jenny Nelson One of the founders of the UCB Theatre and a friendly face in the comedy ecosystem, Matt Walsh returns to TV April 6th when Veep premieres its third season on HBO. In addition to Veep, Walsh has a number of other interesting projects up his sleeve including a role in the found-footage tornado film Into the Storm and David Cross’s...

23 mar
Starry Eyes Review [SXSW 2014]
Starry Eyes isn’t just a sleek slow-burn thriller with a dynamite third act, but it’s a punchy satirical look at the corrupt, disgusting world of struggling actresses and the major studios who take advantage of their desperate nature. We all dream of lavish celebrity lifestyles and worldwide fame, but at what price are we willing to pay? Kevin...

20 mar
1 Second Everyday Moves To The Big Screen
Cesar Kuriyama has had quite a run in the past two years. After working in the advertising business for five years, Cesar quit his job to take a year off. During that time he started working on a passion project called 1 Second Everyday (1SE). The concept was simple: every day he recorded one second of video - something that was supposed to help...

18 mar
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